3 great hotels in Kandy [Engels artikel]

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  • If you like unique and eccentric, then Helga’s Folly might be for you. Helga’s home was built in the decadent 1930s, and she’s retained many of the original features, including the building’s particular shade of red, both inside and out. She’s also added murals and historic paintings, photographs and a collection of unusual antiques – that kind of original. Helga swans around day and night, accompanied by jazz and swing music, watching over the visitors staying in her 40 rooms. You’ll love it or loathe it, so even though it’s really close to the Golden Temple, make sure you look at the photos before you book.


  • The Villa Rosa is one of Kandy’s hidden gems, a calm, green oasis perched in the hills, 600metres above sea level. The Colonial style decor spreads through the eight rooms, which have dark wood furniture and four-poster beds, and through the elegant restaurant which serves exemplary Sri Lankan cuisine.


  • For something a bit later as far as history goes, consider Stone House Lodge, a five room lodge dating from the 40s. It’s very peaceful, with cosy rooms and an inviting pool. The food is so good they run cooking classes.

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